We Are Together, shining Puloers | Pulo China 17th Anniversary Mid-Year Sharing Session Review

What dose it mean being at 17?

In the prime of life, full of youthful vigour and all the possibilities...

Then what does Pulo look like at her 17th anniversary?

Pulo at 17 is down to earth, neither too ambitious nor too humble. One step at a time, make steady progress with clear goal. 

Pulo at 17 is attentive to details, cares more about the quality and is willing to spend time to enhance every details. 

Pulo at 17 is still romantic, always creates beautiful moments and surprises for the beloved ones with open mind...



From cradle to toddle, budding to blooming, Pulo is lucky to be led by a visionary leader, and a team of wisdom. 

Under their leadership, Pulo overcomes all the obstacles and ride the waves along the way. With unity of all the Pulo employees, we can beat all the challenges.

In the growth of Pulo, many beautiful stories happened in the past 17 years. Looking backward, every moment gives Pulo the strength to move forward with resolution.

 On this special day, key persons from Pulo share their stories along the way from their perspectives.  


Add confidence to ideal, add beauty to life

General Manager of Pulo Ideal Life, Ms. Zhang Lijuan


Don't put limits on yourself. The possibilities are endless if your have a firm heart.

Standing on the stage again with a new role, Ms. Zhang Lijuan changes a lot after 6 years of growth and development. 

Role changing is also an opportunity to re-recognize yourself, face bravely the past, present and future, and also severe challenges. 

If you choose to stay in the comfort zone, then you may miss the opportunities.

If you choose to confront the challenges, not only you seize the opportunity, but also take the risk. 

What indeed makes your decisions is your truly desire, your heart's choice, and your value.


Great things may be done by mass efforts. Explore a new development path integrating internal and external, 

coordinate vertical and horizontal of the company's upstream and downstream, consolidate business resources of each section...

With practice and professional attitude Ms. Zhang Lijuan make an example for all Puloers : happiness lies in the strive, and the most rewarding strive, is for the dream!


Unlimited warm service in limited space

General Manager of Pulo Service, Mr. Zhang Junfeng


Hes new in Pulo, but an old hand in property service industry. He doesnt talk too much but makes pearl-like remarks. 

Sharing with professional and pragmatic foresight, Mr. Zhang Junfeng delivered his speech from five directions of property services to be improved in the post-epidemic era. 

In facing of the epidemic without warning, upholding the concept provide warm service, Pulo Service did a great job and gained recognition of customers, 

also the provincial and municipal government. Space is limited, but the warm service have no limitation. To face the growing demand of house owners, 

Pulo Service will focus on intelligent management, green health management, value services, professional management services, open sharing management in future development.


 Make standardization a working habit. Make habits conform to standards.

Through the construction of six service characteristics system, with professionalism improving service quality,

in 2021 Pulo Service will have a new look after continuous upgrading, from the service system and service structure and other aspects at her 10th anniversary.


Stick to and be loyal to your ideal

General Manager of Sales center, Ms Gong Qi


2020 is a special year, the real estate industry has been hit hard due to the pandemic. We cant find hot sale and new sales record in the market.

Instead, many real estate firms choose to cut price and undersell to go through the crisis. Under the downward market background, 

Ms. Gong presents us a precious achievement, also as a present for Pulos 17th birthday.

By the end of August, 2020, the total sales number of Ideal Land is 651 units, 2.4 billion RMB. Not a stunning number, but impressed if comparing with other projects. 

The total sales number of Zhengzhou Lv Bo Area (exclude Ideal Land, 14 projects) is 5.4 billion RMB by the end of August, Ideal Land accounts for 44%. 5.9 billion RMB

 for the 14 projects in North Dragon Area (exclude Ideal Land), Ideal Land accounts for 41%. Ideal Land has been wildly recognized as the most admired project in real

 estate industry and attracts 166 management teams up to 1,500 persons from top real estate developing companies to visit and study.


Happiness, great vision, beautiful landscaping, abundant education resources, team of sparing no efforts...those are the images from Ideal Land house owners.

 In the era of too many clever minds, diligence is the only useful skill to success. Thanks to holding this belief, Pulo received massive support from our customers.

 No matter what happened in future, providing quality products and warm service is Pulos eternal pursuit.


Keep improving since the beginning, education first for future

Principal of No 1&8 Education Group, Mr. Ma Ziwei

Established 12 years ago, No 1&8 Education Group has cultivated many students all over the country.

The group is sticking to the nature of education, devotes to providing pure and inspiring education.

In the past 3 years, Pulo education continuously break the record in high school entrance examination.

In 2020, enrollment rate for provincial demonstration high school is 92.49%. 65.7% of the graduates enrolled Top 6 high schools in Zhengzhou.

The achievement lies in the hard work of all the education system employees, 

but also supported by the concept of all-round development concept which Pulo Education has been sticking to for years.


Regarding the development of schools, academic performance is basis, featured classes grow out of it. 

No 1&8 school in Ideal Land plans to start first enrollment in August, 2021. 

The new school integrated 15-year education model would protect the students' interest in learning from the initial planning stage.

Aiming at student's lifelong development and social needs, new school would be rooted in the Chinese traditional culture, 

and with international vision and future development of talents, innovate talents education mode by means of advanced education idea 

and rich activities as the carrier, with modern information technology and learning sharing space. 

No 1&8 school in Ideal Land will be built into elite school with pureness, love, happiness and warm,

 a place where the hearts of teachers and students lie, a Eden garden of Pulo Education concept.



Stick to Pulo value, be a qualified Puloer

General Manager of Pulo China, Ms. Zhang Jinxi

From twenties to near forty, Pulo is where her heart lies. She knows every detail of Pulos development in the past 17 years. 

2020 is unusual, under the influence of pandemic and downward market, all Pulo staff never stop learning.

Take a deep insight of the value which Pulo is sticking to along the way.

 Ms. Zhang Jinxi makes us understand what on earth is Pulos value, and what kind of staff that Pulo needs.


Pulo Chinas Value

Pulo China is a group with high standard, a strong ambitious for future and never quits; 

a group with good intentions and beneficial heart, grateful for the society, land owner, customers, employees, and the partners; 

a group can withstand temptation and has a modest heart; a group with a caring heart, does what she can to create beauty for the world;

a group follows the right path, maintain a sense of goodness, always do the right thing; a group upholding justice and thus receives support from others.


Join a company like Pulo, what kind of character make you a qualified Pulo staff, or companion of Pulo?


You need to have a good heart of benefiting others. In this fast paced era when change never catches up with the plan, 

a heart of benefiting others can bring happiness in return in our lifetime. 

You need to be a man who dont give up easily. Tide sweeps sand, survival of the fittest, you wouldnt achieve certain achievements if you dont have strong will. 

Youd better be pragmatic. If you dont visit the front line, dont know the customers, then the proper service can not be delivered.


Do better, we can succeed.

Chairman of Pulo China, Mr. Xu Yiming

Facing the downward market, the achievement we made lies in every Puloers effort, and the leadership of Chairman, Mr. Xu Yiming. 

Facing the global uncertainty in 2020, Mr. Xu points out, only by upholding providing good quality product and high standard service, the group can forge ahead.


Dream has the greatest power. From a mans original intention to a team with a same goal, from a urban village renovation project, creating a town to oversea business, 

Pulo is always stick to a steady development path. After 17 years, Pulo has created many beautiful moments. Pulo service delivers warm service to all customers.

 Pulo Ideal Life devotes to provide ideal lifestyle to Pulo house owners. Pulo Community Making center continues to organize a diversity community activities to bring happiness...

Make the beautiful life happen and bloom. Adhering the quality and warm service is the key foundation to create ideal life for our customers, also the key for us to succeed.

Every employee should concentrate, keep learning. Dive into the business, do your job well, and make your own contribution for the group.


We Are Together

Pulo family Banquet

We've been together for 17 years. Put on the most beautiful clothes on the red carpet. With delicious food + wine + band + stars, its a grand birthday party for Pulo and employees.

Let the red wine burst happiness, the music and bright stars bring out of passion and joy in this romantic night.



With solid steps and firm direction, all the staff of Pulo are down-to-earth, make their own contribution. 

No matter what the achievements we created in the past, no matter how the market changes, no matter what praise or slander we receive from others, 

all Pulo staff would stick to the true belief, be kind and do the right thing, do not self-expansion, do not be too proud and keep fighting.


In future, all Pulo staff would always follow the right path, be humble and grateful.

 Let us all work together, adhere to the high quality and warm service, stick to what we love, together we create infinite beauty in our limited life.


Pulo 17th Anniversary, We Are Together