Children’s Day Parade of Pulo Ideal Land

Each happy moment of the Children’s Day in 2020 spent in Pulo Ideal Land is recorded as a special gift for the children.

 These moments constitute their sparkling childhood, and the beautiful memories of Pulo Ideal Land.

On the parade of Children’s Day, outgoing Pulo residents show their special prowess. 

The phalanxes with various themes, including national customs, cartoon and prince & princess, etc., composed of Pulo families are the most eye-catching. 

Among the phalanxes, fathers dressed as superheros draw the most attention. In the heroic dream of boys, their fathers are the foremost superhero.

In the dreamy KIDS FUNPARK, moms experience the grow-up process of their children; in the Magic Bay Bubble Party, 

children “attack each other cutely withwater guns as weapons and bubbles as shields; Pop Luggage Market reflects childrens friendship... 

Each scene of Children’s Day in Pulo Ideal Land has its unique moments of happiness.



On the Children’s Day, children row quietly in the Xichuan River, read books in Lilliput Library, 

make handicrafts in rapt attention on the Creative Art Class, make soybean milk attentively regardless of sweating in the Central Park, 

make sachets for their moms under the guidance of the teacher and share delicacies received at the Chef Theater with their friends...

The smiling faces of children are the most precious thing we collected at Children’s Day. 

For Pulo Ideal Land, these activities are merely ordinary components of the happy life in the community with the theme of love and companion. 

Pulo Ideal Land devotes her heart and soul to every activity, such as the Family Day, 

Childrens Camp and International Children’s Theatre Festival of Pulo Ideal Land, as well as each game and artistic performance.