Enjoy Ideal Holidays at Home丨May Day Holidays of Pulo

In the poetic daily life, Pulo residents can enjoy endless fun at home. During the May Day holidays in 2020, 

instead of a lively carnival, we presented an ideal holiday with a full sense of ceremony, poetry and romance

The Central Park, Xichuan Park, Children’s Baseball Field, Lilliput Library...with upgraded gameplay in all scenes, 

children could have a blast out of doors together with their parents, who can also enjoy the cozy holidays.

A cozy tent picnic party in the Central Park is also a nice choice to enjoy the life. Pulo residents can pitch a tent, sit on the lawn in the breeze together with their families...

On the Slow Life Riverside Lawn aside the Xichuan River,

 Pulo residents can beat African drums with a lively rhythm leisurely to the song from the boats. Life cannot be leisure more.

Professional baseball coaches from Zhengzhou No.1&8 International Primary School are invited to give enlightenment lessons of baseball and softball to children on the Childrens Baseball Field of Pulo Ideal Land, the first international-standard youth baseball and softball field in Henan Province. Children are required to learn baseball etiquette before experiencing baseball, so that they can know rites and be grateful.


In the neighborhood reception room, neighbors with interesting souls talk about stories about the community, family and their love freely.

 In the Happy Photo Studio, residents can take a photo of their happy families, recording the happy moments of the wonderful life in Pulo communities.

Happy and joyful family-style scenes of ideal holidays are presented one by one in the activity “Enjoy Ideal Holidays at Home” of Pulo Ideal Land. 

Here, friendly neighbors get acquainted with and befriend each other; children play drums and water joyfully

parents who are busy in daily life play games orexperience a hand-made creation with their children; 

and neighbors regain energy from a great variety of good food and drinks in the afternoon...

The presentation of the yearning and pursuit of life aesthetics is not only limited to these days. 

In the coming days, the Pulo Community Building Center will continue to join hands with the residents 

to create an ideal atmosphere of community culture and foster a harmonious community neighborhood.