Stay Young in Pulo| The First Community Spring Festival Gala of Great Pulo 2020

The Spring Festival atmosphere got more intensive from the end of 2019. 

Watching the Spring Festival Gala together with friends and relatives is the foremost thing people are looking forward to. 

The Pulo Community Building Center invited the residents of Pulo to celebrate the Spring Festival of 2020 together in a heart-warming atmosphere. 

On January 11, 2020, the first community Spring Festival Gala of Pulo with the theme of “Stay Young in Pulo” was put on the stage for every resident of Pulo in a down-to-earth manner.


On the exclusive stage, Pulo residents make joint efforts to design programs and perform for other neighbors.

65 groups of talents of all ages from different communities of Pulo sign up for selection, covering cute children,

energetic young people and hale and hearty seniors with unique styles.

The First Community Spring Festival Gala of Pulo is a work of a dozen of directors, who are talented residents of the communities,

 including former directors of singing and dancing programs, actors with rich experience in performance and experienced program advisers. 

They evaluate and comment on each program earnestly, meticulously and fairly with professional vision and standards; moreover, they also participate in programming actively.

 The Spring Festival Gala is regarded not only as a special challenge for themselves, but also as a surprise for their family members and a gift for their neighbors

The successful presentation of the gala fully reflects their life wisdom accumulated over the years.

Nearly 200 community performers put the happy life in Pulo on the stage in the simplest manner with great efforts. 

The talented performers provide their neighbors with an excellent performance with a sense of life in forms such as opera, dance, instrumental music, chorus and sitcoms.


The First Community Spring Festival Gala of Pulo, the first carnival of 2020, serves as a link for the neighbors to share the wonderful life in the beautiful community.