Weekend Fair at Mediterranean Commercial Center

There are many small but exquisite shops that manifest creative ideas of the shop owners and neighbors here in the Mediterranean Commercial Center of Province. 

Residents of the community can enjoy ready-to-serve coffee, bread, refreshments and buy beautiful clothing and quality articles of daily use of good design any time.

The owners of Hezhichu Boulangerie, DouDou Story, Guang Fang Yuan and Zebra Coffee advocated for opening the Weekend Fair 

at Mediterranean Commercial Center from November 2019 for the tasteful residents. As a result, neighbors of the community can enjoy delicacies, 

buy quality articles and share the wonderful life with each other at the lively fair every weekend.

17 booth owners, who are also Pulo residents, are lined up along the streets of the Mediterranean Square, 

selling a dazzling array of delicious snacks, hand-made goods, small blessing gifts...showing the elegant taste of Pulo residents.


Store Pinshuyuan, a distinctive book store, sells exquisite artworks of living; DouDou Story, a brand store of lifestyle,

 showcases elegant scenes of life; the Coconut Girl, a store that processes and sells coconuts product, serves the neighbors with healthy and nutritious coconuts; 

Hezhichu Boulangerie and Zebra Coffee sell hand-made cakes and coffee on the site of the fair, making the air full of sweetness...

Each article sold here reflects the interest and creativity of the store owners, as well as their stories and pursuit of life.

 It can be regarded as either a showcase of the neighborhood life in the Mediterranean Commercial Center or a life party exclusive to Pulo. 

Neighbors are expected to wander around the fair cozily, greet each other cordially and feel the atmosphere of wonderful life exclusive to Pulo.

Every booth reflects the beautiful and interesting soul of the owner, and each article embodies the unique life and story of the owner.

 The booth owners take delight in telling the stories of the quality goods they sell and impart the knowledge behind. 

You can talk to the barista of Zebra Coffee about today’s coffee beans, sing songs together with Anna and Zhang Bei and play African drums... 

There are always a great number of talented neighbors who love life and sharing, leaving a sweet memory of the desirable activities.

The Weekend Fair at Mediterranean in the particularly warm winter of 2019 not only offers a dazzling array of delicacies and fine goods,

 but also provides the residents with a chance to share and exchange ideas on the lifestyle of Pulo in a harmonious atmosphere.