Family Reunion at Mid-Autumn Day|Neighborhood Feast

On the Mid-autumn Day of 2019, the neighborhood feast, which had been prepared since August, 

moved the neighbors of Pulo Ideal Land with warmth of home and perfect treatment of each detail. At such a memorable festival, 

neighbors tasted good wine and dainty dishes while enjoying the glorious full moon in a lively atmosphere.

At the neighborhood feast, the neighbors of Pulo Ideal Land toasted to the union of friends and chatted merrily.

 All the food of the feast is prepared by the community. Delicacies presented on the feast include: high-end buffet from Outland,

a Italian-style restaurant in Pulo Ideal Land, sushi rolls and salmon from Izakaya, a Japanese-style restaurant in Pulo Ideal Land, 

the authentic stewed noodles from Scarecrow Canteen and shrimp saturated in crusted Huadiao (high-grade Shaoxing wine) from Banquet of Hangzhou Dishes, etc.. 

In the unforgettable Mid-autumn night, Neighbors enjoy the delicious dishes merrily and chat with each other freely while enjoying the glorious full moon.

Every family attending the feast prepares an exquisite gift meticulously for other families, reflecting the further improvement of relationship. 

The accomplished neighbors sing and dance spectacularly and impress each other greatly.

For the splendid community life in Pulo Ideal Land, the lively neighborhood feast is merely a tip of the iceberg. 

The purpose of community building is to make the neighborhood closer and more lively, 

enable every neighbor to find like-minded friends in the community and turn Pulo Ideal Land into a reallywarm, friendly and sharing community.

 In this way, Pulo Ideal Land will become a typical example of A good neighbor is better than a brother far off.