Celebration of National Day at Home| Seven-day Enjoyment of Ideal Life in Pulo

From October 1st to 7th 2018, the first season of Seven-Day Enjoyment of Ideal Life in Pulo was held. 

More than 70,000 residents of Pulo Ideal Land tasted the delicious food at the food court, appreciated exquisite cultural and creative goods, 

enjoyed the excellent performance of the Grass Band, took part in interesting games and chatted with their neighbors to their hearts’ content. 

This year, the residents are expected to walk around together with their neighbors in the community to befriend with like-minded neighbors and appreciate unique scenery.

Throughout the holidays, in all public spaces of Pulo Ideal Land, neighbors enjoy music and art together in an unshakably jolly mood.

In the Central Park of Pulo Ideal Land, a playground for parents and children and neighbors, 

PO Camp holds funny challenges for individuals and families; in addition, 

International magic masters impress their distinctive performance on the audience. In the Xichuan Park of Pulo Ideal Land

Children can not only enjoy a pleasant trip on the Xichuan River by kayak, 

but also unleash their creativity in graffiti at the Art Corner of Xichuan and take part in parent-child games with inexhaustible fun on the lawn.

 In terms of art and culture, the most innovative Pulo Children’s Painting Exhibition and Association Photo Exhibition allow the audience to appreciate art at a higher level. 

Children can have a distinctive experience in sports at the Children’s Baseball Field in Pulo Ideal Land.



Four bands are invited to entertain the residents of Pulo Ideal Land with their brilliant performance in the seven days. 

The residents are also touched incredibly by an Animal-themed Parent-child Birthday Party.  


In a poetic life, every ordinary day is an ideal holiday!