Major Events-Community Building of Pulo

From August 16th to 24th, 2019, the Great Pulo Children’s Summer Holiday was ushered in at Pulo Ideal Land. 

The four communities, Pulo Ideal Land, Province, Galaxy Luxevill and ProvinceChinese Dream, 

held variety activities in joint efforts and marked a happy ending to the summer vacation of children in Pulo.

In the charitable donation of books held in the Lilliput Library of Pulo Ideal Land, 

the caring children in the heart-warming community of Pulo donated their idle books to Shengtao Elementary School, 

a school for stay-at-home children. At the funny and interesting Cultural & Creative Fair, interesting books for all ages, selected books on life aesthetics, 

books on family growth and parenting and a dazzling array of cultural and creative products and stationery supplies were available for getting prepared for the upcoming semester.

A great variety of funny classes such as handicraft class, calligraphy class, sports class, painting class, reading class and baking class, etc. are provided for a better growth of children.

On the Pop Star Fair, children, the main players of trade, barter things in a funny way, giving a new life to the old things.

 At the grassland carnival held for all children of Pulo, we prepare special surprises for children born in July, August and September;

 children at all ages enjoy suitable parent-child/children games, put on performances, taste a variety of healthy and delicious food, 

take part in a official donation of books and a grand wishing ceremony...

In this summer, children of Pulo spend a lot of good time with their neighbors. 

Pulo Ideal Land can provide with children with not only a wonderful summer, but also all components of an ideal childhood!