Read & Grow Together|2020 Pulo May 4th Book Recommendation Activity

Self-recognition is the ultimate purpose of reading.

                  In 2020 Pulo May 4th Book Recommendation Activity on the theme of "Reading Together", twelve bellwethers of Pulo recommend 12 books for Puloers.

 With spirit sublimated at different dimensions and levels, we swim in the ocean of knowledge. Each message left with concentrated attention represents a self-examination 

in the moment and a thought on improvement.

From Rip It Up to The 3rd Alternative, the continued May 4th Book Recommendation Activity continues to bring everyone joy by selecting a book as present. 

In order to impress everyone of Pulo, “Reading Together” is held this year in a special manner. Thanks to the recommendation by Pulo bellwethers

we’ve gained more knowledge of and all-round understanding about the books. Personal willingness is fully respected in the message section for independent choice, 

charging every participant with aspiration for inner demands. Ranging from work, thinking, life to perception, there is always a book for you.


Every step, from book selection to video recording, embodies meticulous preparation by the recommenders, with respect and sincerity to every member of Pulo condensed in repeated recording. 

In addition to sharing good books, the pursuit for “making perfection more perfect” also reminds us to keep improving and constantly learning, have global vision and strive to become a better self.

Every word of the message reflects emotional resonance with the books.

 Reading make us realize self-limitation and encouraged to break up the “preconceived idea”. In books, 

we glimpse in the countless possibilities of life, appreciate colorful stories and empathize with the lives described. 

The intangible changes resulted from reading have been revealed in our temperament and words over time.


After careful reviewing every comments,lucky readers have been selected by recommenders to receive books with handwritten words from recommenders. 

It not only recognizes the attention paid by Pulo members, but also encourages them to become better in future.

Of course, those who were not selected as lucky readers should not feel discouraged, as each book recommended has electronic edition.

 You can search for the books to read for free on the WeRead App (download from application store).

 For books not found, you can reply corresponding keywords on the official WeChat account of Pulo China “PULO” to download and read for free.

Reading allows us to understand ourselves and to know the world better. You will be an armchair strategist with knowledge but no practice,

 and you will be shallow with only practice but no knowledge. Every book and the knowledge learned will be used in work and life, 

so we can think about problems more rationally and face challenges with a strong heart. By reading books and learning, 

we will maintain the coordination and consistency of thoughts and actions, uniformity of words and deeds and turn knowledge into results.

Reading, obtain knowledge in seeking

Keep accumulating and correcting in continuous learning

Become a better self based on accumulation

2020 Pulo May 4th Book Recommendation Activity

Let’s read and grow together