Refinement, always bring touching-Pulo Women’s Day

Happiness is actually very simple

Have love, do what you like, and have expectation


March means the spring is coming. Everything seems to have a new beginning.

In the coming Womens Day, we cant celebrate it together due to social distancing.

How to make Puloer receive the upgraded warmth from the company is the big issue we need to think about throughout 2020.


How to make breakthrough and think outside the box? This is a question the Pulo culture team needs to think about it.

 After carefully thinking, the team decided to celebrate the festival online.

The activity adopted the method of blind box. Everyone chose their own present based on the text clues, 

which created more sense of mystery and expectation.

According to the previous survey results, considering our employees posted self-made food pictures on the social media 

during the quarantine, finally the Pulo culture team chose kitchen appliances as the presents, both glamorous yet functional.

Think about that, when you are in the gym or at work at weekend, then receive a phone call

 from the delivery man telling you have a coming present. What a lovely experience to have!


Pay attention to appearance and inner heart is the pursuit of every Pulo woman.

Pulo culture team was thrilled to know that the presents brought so much joy to the colleagues. 

Think differently, listen to the inner voice of Pulo staff, thats why the culture team won everyone's approval.


The aim of talking the story behind is not to show off, but to share the reflection about it.

 Discover and innovate by heart, then can truly practice the spirit of “Intensive Cultivation”. Refinement, always bring touching.

Details embody art, and only details have the strongest expressive power. 

Through reflection of a cultural activity, it may bring some inspiration to the Pulo family, How to do things well? 

It is the spiritual theme that Pulo has been pursuing, and the direction that Pulo staff are striving for now and in the future.

Online discussion of 18 topics in the beginning of 2020, gave all Pulo staff a chance to calm the mind and think, 

from engineering  construction to internal management, from customer service to community culture making...From the point to the surface,

from the surface into the depth, we found the problems,and optimizes criterions. 

The purpose of the discussion of these topics is to put theory into practice, and strive for best outputs by summarizing

 and analyzing all aspects from engineering technology, marketing and sales, property services, etc,.

 Concentrate on what you are doing right now.

In this special year of 2020, from real estate development to sales, from ideal life operation to education, 

we should focus more on our works, consider carefully and take everything seriously , be visionary and responsible, to create value together!