Review of Pulo China 2020 Annual Conference | The Light Chaser


On the road of life, what is the light that illuminates you and me? Everyone may have a different answer in mind. 

Because of a word, a hug, or an affirmation...In the pursuit of light, the very existence for which we work is a light.

Time: 30 days

Location: On the way to the light

People: More than 300 people constitute nine major labels

Event: A group of people who are not professional, in the name of love, carefully polished out 9 pieces of the ploy of emotion, to deliver the unique light in the heart of the ploy


This is the story of The Light Chaser Film 2020, and of course there are many more like this fusion, 2018 New Forces, 2019 Born to The Sun... 

That's what Pulo is for, just to be perfect, to be perfect. The discovery of the other side of the Pulo people in the process of overturning,

negating and reshaping, arouses more impossibilities in the heart of the Pulo people. Because of this, 

we were able to create these professional micro films and posters. (Arrange follow the show list)

Every contribution is worth remembering

"Sunrise" by Director Zhang Xianjun

The ordinary way, the achievement is extraordinary

"Ordinary Road" by Director Shui Hualiang

Father is the light of the heart, is the place from the dream

"In the Name of Father" by Director Zhang Lijuan

Gather is a group of fire, scattered is the stars

“Spark” by Director Cui Shuwei

To find your true self is to find light, strength and courage

“The Hopes” by Director Zhu Na


Helping more people achieve their wishes and feeling happy is the concern of light

“Make Every Wish Comes True” by Director Li Jianbo


Warm your steps by going home

“The Answer” by Director He Wei

Two generations, one heart, one thing

“Dawn” by Director Chu Zhiqiang

It's not reality that makes your dreams shine

But the light of dreams illuminates the road of reality

“A Faint Light” by Director Gong Qi

In fact, the process of pursuing light also reflects our attitude towards work and life, which may be derived from our own love or passive acceptance. 

However, in Pulo, we first have to know whether we have this light in our heart: in the continuous denial of the revival of The Times, face the difficulties, 

in the absence of recognition and understanding still to pursue the heart of that perseverance. 

This may be some long and boring, but also there will be one after another dilemma and helpless, just because of this, the light in the heart is more meaningful!

"The light of the firefly candle brightens the sun and the moon", please insist on standing in the world you love to shine, because it can illuminate more people to run forward.