Review of Pulo China 2020 Annual Conference | Integration and Cohesion of Sichuan Trip


Every year, at specific time, Puloer meet together to see the mountains and rivers all over the world, blowing pleasant sea breeze at Gulangyu Xiamen,

see the moon at Yingjiaqiao Wuzhen, at point mountains at Juzizhou, enjoy Portuguese luxury in Macao......What changes is the time and place, 

what always the same is the friendship and warmth of the Pulo.

We came to Chengdu in 2020 to experience the pure and honest Sichuan culture.Department between groups, punch each scenic spot; 

More than 300 people gathered together to taste the authentic hot pot; At half past five in the morning, we set out to climb Qingcheng Mountain. 

In the fusion, we open the communication between heart and heart, in mutual support and encouragement, to achieve the goal of joint efforts.


Pulo Generals Meet up in Chengdu

Sichuan Free Trip

Worship water ay Dujiangyan, Sing the song at Anlan bridge, Left footprints at South bridge, Lovely pandas, 

walking people meet up at Chengdu become a beautiful scenery. Fancy punch card, creative, become a great god of photography, 

light up your wechat moments, light up Puloers.

Pulo Generals Meet up in Chengdu

Hot Ideal Boiling Spring Festival Eve

Pulo China Annual Banquet at Chengdu


Chunxi road, wide narrow lane, jinli, dujiangyan......The Puloer have assembled.

In the bustling hall walk alley, accompanied by Shouting taste characteristic snacks......

The most beautiful smile left behind by the people in the laughter, and finally checked in with Ritz-carlton hotel.

Check in Ritz-carlton Hotel

It’s necessary to have a steaming hot pot when you come to Chengdu, enjoy the sweat in hot boiling pot. 

The big red envelopes prepared by the managers of various departments have been snatched up by a crowd. 

They sit around a table with the colleagues they are familiar with all the time. 

At this moment, there are still endless topics to talk about. 

Clink a cup to close the distance between hearts, between the hot friendship, no matter where the Puloer is, 

still like the family as interesting love.


Hot Ideal Boiling Spring Festival Eve

Sichuan Leaps Forward Without End

Puloers Climbed Qingcheng Mountain in Rain


At 5:30 in the morning, Puloers are ready to set off, the vast and bustling towards the Qingcheng Mountain, compared with the bustling day, 

the morning of Chengdu is now quiet a lot, the sky under a light rain, to the original Qingcheng Mountain and add some mystery. 

All the way through the mountains, feel different scenery, a culture, precipitation of a state of mind, people are like this, 

in the exploration and advance, not afraid of suffering, go forward.

The rain on Qingcheng mountain seems to have no sign of stopping, but the steps of Puloers climbing up never stop, 

along the way to feel the understanding of thousands of years of historical sites of nature, find the hidden panda in the mountain to a handsome pose.

 Teamwork is the test of courage and understanding, virtually the cohesion of the more powerful.

Sichuan Leaps Forward Without End

A bowl of special wine to warm up, taste Qingcheng jia thick Sichuan flavor of authentic food, off a tired, 

listen to a restaurant owner and his story about Qingcheng Jia......Appreciate the unique style of the characteristic decoration, 

overlooking the nearby has reached the top of the Qingcheng mountain, seems to understand more, the mountain is still the mountain, 

as long as we go all out, face together, the difficulty is not so difficult as imagined.

Every departure is for the better arrival. Experienced the hot enthusiasm, cold rain baptism, more firmly between the people of the friendship. 

The integration and communication in different time and ways can deepen our sense of identity to the Pulo culture.

Also like the four seasons reincarnation, no matter the spring, summer, autumn and winter, cold and scorching heat, 

our original heart is still, down-to-earth towards the more beautiful distance. 

With the strength of Puloers, to meet a challenge!