Review of Pulo China 2020 Annual Conference | Spiritual Resonance of the Thinker

I, just myself

Who, is all

Together with

Is the harvest, or growth

Every time, just like the first time full of love and expectation

— The Annual Conference of Pulo China


Remember the first time to write, open to the heart; Remember the first time to put on dress which is not too used to; I remember the first 

time a group of people flew away; Remember the first time on stage,  heart beats; Remember the first time to listen to the dialogue of wises, suddenly

mind opened; Remember the first time with the award in the brush, still full of expectations;

Remember the first annual conference, so much of the first time made up the family of Pulo. 16 years, the annual conference has become

our agreed custom, every year, every journey, we go through the mountains and oceans of the motherland, in every fusion of thought cohesion, in every event

full of surprise and moved.

Beside gathering and lively, a grand conference in which you will see the power of thought, in the invisible to be edified and grow, that's its charm.

Intensive Cultivation     Practice Consistency

2020 Pulo Executives Sharing

There is a group of people that we both love and hate in Pulo, who not only lead us to overcome difficulties, but also become a part of the

Puloer. Before the official start of the year-end feast, a collision and resonance of the thoughts of Pulo, let us feel the depth and thickness of the

Pulo management team, more we transfer confidence and strength! Face up to the problem, summarize in depth, do not be complacent for the achievements

of the moment, for a better forward momentum. Sincere and sincere language, give us, give the serious attitude of respect, the wisdom 

condenses into the "Pulo Sentence", have the temperature more powerful!


Zhang Jinxi · GM of Pulo China

Never Forget Your Duty As to his duty, everyone will have a different or shallow understanding. In our work, our duty is to do our job well, 

and what is the responsibility assigned to us by our work is what we should do. Our duty is to work hard and pay, not the capital of show up, but the

responsibility, in our duty, to always maintain the Wolf, put an end to petty bourgeoisie, do not be proud, charming, anxious soldiers. In the work, we 

want to keep the Wolf, outside the work, we want to be gentle with love.

Zhang Jinxi · GM of Pulo China

Any advantage is temporary, only to continue to learn there are many ways to learn, not only in the form of reading, 

visit, when really open their hearts, put down a series of so-called trouble, anxiety and other negative emotions, will meet a new yourself.

Self-discipline is to know yourself, whether it is work or life, is to do for their own heart, not others, never pretend.

Lu Xiaodong · GM of Pulo Cost Procurement Legal Management Center

Work harder and do more work. Cross the boundary of the department and face various problems together. 

Let's roll up our sleeves and work harder.

Shui Hualiang · GM of Pulo Real Estate

Detail is the devil, done can bring you a lot of benefits, do not do well will let you gradually lose

competitiveness and even out; Intensive farming is a spiraling process, the completion of this result must adhere

to the words and deeds, perseverance.

Chu Zhiqiang · GM of Pulo Ideal Life Operation

As long as there is space, we will do it well, as long as there is time, we will not give up, this is the quality of the pursuit of Pulo.

Huang Yuanchao·Executive Director of Sichuan Cultural Tourism

Find the self-drive, play the subjective initiative, keep burning, and can do every thing in front of you.

Gong Qi·GM of Pulo Sales and Management Center

In the "dull" to grasp the quality, we should find the problem from the details, and timely correct it.

Li Jianbo · Deputy GM of Pulo Real Estate

Growing up in the process of solving problems and ideas, not necessarily how lofty, but must feel; Not everyone

likes to hear, but it must be true; It may not be true, but you must be able to solve your own problems.

Cui Shuwei · Deputy GM of Pulo Finance

Clear recognition of their own positioning, to be a good student to become a good teacher.

He Wei · Design Director of Pulo Real Estate

How to become better? Keep working harder and harder without any conditions.

Zhang Xianjun · Deputy GM of Pulo Real Estate Development

Pulo Parent Association

Chairman Sharing Meeting


As described in the video, we can't see his busy figure, but his non-stop footsteps are all over the world. He is our patriarch - Mr Xu. 

Direction is a more important pursuit than speed. After four years, Mr Xu measured the situation and took the territory of Pulo to the world,

pointing out the future development direction for Puloer.

Shallow waters are noisy, deep waters are silent. Because of Mr Xu's foresight, in this brutal growth of the market environment, Pulo is still 

down-to-earth pursuit of quality, stable development does not mean to stick to the rules, in the "slow and steady" in the more to keep pace with The Times,

set goals. Development should be planned, inheritance should be planned, because in prow, everyone is given a fair and trust platform, so that Puloer can

fully display their ability. We should maintain the original love, serious and practical, pay attention to every detail, create every detail, do intensive

work, will be thought into action, words and deeds.


The Power of Pulo Models

Pulo Annual Outstanding Recognition

 Silent collapse and silent self - healing. Always believe that efforts are worthy of paying. I failed again and again. Always believe that there 

will be a result of a crash.

 They are ordinary people, but create extraordinary moved. They shine on the body of light, which are good, serious, adhere to, fearless and so on

all simple and beautiful words. Engineer, sales, design...Excellent people come from different positions; There is persistence, there is 

excellence, there is selfless dedication...The spirit of excellence comes from the heart of every day.

Frying and boiling are ways to become delicious, and so is refueling! Work regardless of the size, everything must be on the mind, because of 

running on the road with such companions, influence each other and achievements, and gradually form a kind of upward atmosphere and core motivation, 

we will finally meet in higher and farther.


Each lovely shape unlocks the prow's new posture, and with a letter and a carefully prepared gift, opens the best journey of 2020. Deliberately

creating happiness will only cause aesthetic fatigue, the heart of the organization of each activity is the only skill. It is not only in the annual

conference, but also in every day of the people.


The direction is more important than the speed of the pursuit, thought cohesion more powerful power, coupled with the continuous precipitation 

of cultural deposits, step by step to consolidate the basic plate of the stable management and development of Pulo, to love the people who

support Pulo, more confidence and guarantee! The cultivation of the Pulo spirit is not overnight, not a single embodiment of a person, but the top-down thought 

of the Pulo people, with action to interpret love and responsibility. Reflected in one detail after another, valuable output, rational feelings, 

but also a corporate values and literacy of the soft power. Everyman's heart is bound for, plain shoes is bound for, for the love that Pulo insists to 

spare no effort, more heart's dream goes all out!