Begining of Beauty, Gathering of Happiniess --2019 Pulo Mid-Autum Festiva

Dear Pulo colleagues:


It’s time for the Mid-Autumn festival.

A time for missing home, a time for reunion. Moonlight gleam through the window, dancing with my mood. 

The happiest moment is having you in my heart. The shortest distance is having you in my eye.

 At the moment like this, nothing is better than a saying “I’m back.”

There are thousands of ways to open a happiness. In this year’s Mid- Autumn festival, Pulo wants to present a warm gift to you. 

It contains the little joys of daily life, with the hint of daily life. Not too romantic, not too luxury.


It a gift you can use in sets or separately. It’s simple, with love and add happiness to your daily life.

With the aesthetics of Pulo, it reminds you the beauty of nature, and make every seconds counts.


The reason why we celebrate the holidays is to make the day memoriable. It comes from the interdependence of family, lover and friends.

Moon cake, the traditional Mid-Autumn festival food, always served in this special moment. Without it, the festival seems not perfect.

Family get together, talk about their lives under the bright moon with a piece of moon cake. This is a time with family and we know that’s all about.


Even though we wrote this beautiful letter to you. But if we chose the bad taste moon cake. 

It will ruin all the efforts. Facing the huge moon cake market with endless flavors, after round and round sample tasting.

 We choose 8 flavors: sweet kidney bean paste, haw, cranberry, chestnut, red bean paste, dried meat floss, coconut and Yolk.  


Moon cake is just like the moon in the sky. Wish you can always keep running and give you comfort when you feel tired.

Upholding the environment friendly and reusable concept of Pulo, the packages can be used as storage boxes after eating the content.

 There’s an ancient saying” Firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy, vinegar, and tea begin a day.” 

 As part of the seven things, vinegar has a symbol meaning in our life.Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy. Life is full of tastes.

 The sour taste becomes soft after the precipitation of time.There is sweetness in the sour taste, and a trace of acidity in the sweet taste.

 No matter what kind of sour, love and be loved is a kind of happiness, this happiness comes from the heart.


With a little Vine added, making the taste lively. 

Just like the little happy moments, making our life vividly. With this original intention, we selected Shanxi Heshun vinegar as the gift. 

Through the ancient process of steaming, leaven, smoked, doused, matured, with time to brew this long sour aroma. 

In autumn, Chinese medicine emphasizes "less spicy food and more sour flavor". 

Taking proper amount of vinegar can also achieve the effect of suppressing lung qi, lowering blood pressure and lowering fat.


There’s a saying that you look most beautiful when you are at work. The beauty comes from your dedication. 

At Pulo, everyone would take everything seriously , and go all out for it.


Not only at work, but also in life, We hope you can enjoy the happiness of dedication everywhere, for yourself and the people you love. 

Use the moon cake mold, make a sweet cake for your family. It is not your baking skill that make him/her happy, but the love you devoted.


We also prepare an instruction of how to make a moon cake for your reference. 

We invited the master pastry chef from Outland Italian restaurant to introduce every detail.

With a little ingenuity and attention, ordinary things can become extraordinary. 

What is the meaning of happiness? It’s not decided by other people’s opinion, but deep rooted in your heart.

Table mat and chopsticks, pull people together. Happiness sometimes might be very simple, having dinner together will bring happy to people. 

Happiness might be difficult sometimes, you need to wait a long time for having dinner with the people you concern.

On this special occasion, spend time with the family is the happiness moment in you life.


Several years ago, there is a popular question from CCTV, ”are you happy?” If you ask this question again, answers might be different. 

Some will say “yes” at once, while some might need think for a while.

 Why so different? It’s because some people set a higher standard for “happy”,  desires blind the eyes to find happiness.


But at Pulo, happiness is everywhere, just like the box of peanut, small but warm. The peanut gift is originated from sand by the Yellow River. 

Fried by our chef, it retain the original flavor of childhood. The peanut can also be used as chopsticks pillow.

 Just as the support from Pulo, strong enough yet warm.


I’m glad I’m part of Pulo Group. I feel lucky because we have a warm leader who always guide the right direction for us.

 I feel lucky because there is a group of like-minded friends, working together to achieve our dreams. 

Every holiday, Pulo group prepares gifts for us. Every time we work overtime, there are always warm meal by our side.


Because, Pulo is a family!


We get together because of love pursuit,

We go back home with the happiness from Pulo

Wish a happy Mid-Autumn festival, family reunion!




  With love,

 Pulo Group