Happy Hour with “Leather”--2019 Pulo China 4th Birthday Party for Employee

A piece of leather

A bunch of wax string

A few products with ingenuity

With handcraft

And best wishes



After the Limit of Heat in late August, everything is getting calm and gently from a whole summer's hot and fickle. Few colorful flowers, but more mature green. 

At Italian restaurant Outland, warm golden sunlight falls upon the greens plants in the afternoon, writing the autumn song with the brook gurgling.



Meeting is better than missing. With the birthday boys and girls coming together, a joyful birthday party raised its curtain.


Soft edges come from time polish


Wipe and rub, roll back and forth along the groove. The rough edges gradually become smooth. Smear the sealing liquid onto the edges of leather, 

then roll with the stick over and over. It’s this small move which requires great patience that help making the finished product. It marks the time pass, 

also a story of grow. Just like human’s life, raw at early age, mild after time goes by.


Every stitch worth the time


Needlework is a test of care and patience. A false move and everything could be lost. Anxious leads to frantic. Threading a needle needs skill. 

We use “Double-Needle Riding Stitch” which Hermes uses for decades. One string with double needle, this is totally different with the way we sew in the past. 

As the saying goes, haste makes waste. Accurate is the top priority when stitching.

 If you're not careful enough, you'll wind the threads together and stuck the needle in the hole.


Don't hesitate or push too hard. Fool's haste is no speed. Just like the way we doing

things at work, be realistic about what you want and what you do, act according to circumstances.

 Each step should be taken seriously, so that the final product will be both beautiful and practical.


Carving the special mark to memory this moment


Having the leather work finished , you treasure it like a toy in your childhood. Cake and delicious food add sweetness to this joyful moment. Carve a name on the finished work, whose name is better? Your lover, child or Yourself? No matter whose name on the work, it become universal special for your love.


Sometimes we gain satisfaction from tiny little things. Happiness is not difficult to get. 

When you devote the concentration on things or something else, you’ll receive a moment of peace and fulfillment.