Intensive Cultivation - 2019 Puluo China Mid-year meeting


Start the second half year by a heartily conversation;

Move forward by an inspiring wise lecture;

Pay contribution to Puluo heros by happily songs;


On July 29,2019, Puluo family got together at the capital for eight dynasties, Kaifeng city, to review the first half year of 2019, aiming to find a better way to start the second half year.


1003 days.

From Aug 17,2016, to May 30,2019, 

the perfect delivery of Ideal Land Phase one lies upon the 100% devotion of Puluo staff.17 speakers shared their stories and thinking about the Phase One Delivery from 17 different





Deep understanding about the “responsible for the results”,

Personal analysis of the reason for tight construction schedule,

Stories behind the high degree of customer satisfaction,

Also, other summaries from Engineer, Landscaping, Service, PR and Customer Services departments are concluded.



The achievements of Phase One should be confirmed, but the problems should also be paid attention to.The delivery of Phase One is not an end,instead, it is a new beginning. All

Puluo staff should learn from the past and keeping improving to meet the higher demand and expectations from our customers!


Determined to achieve every goal,

Spare no efforts to win.

After listened 17 staffs’ sharing, General Manager Ms. Zhang pointed out Puluo spirit got full mark during this delivery cause everyone made their efforts to achieve the target

 despite of the difficulties. It is worth to making the effort!



What is the meaning of “responsible for the results”

Making the accordingly arrangements dosen’t means “done”,it’s the problems solved that matters.

Having duty allocated dosen’t mean achieving results,you should always focus on solving the problems.



Looking back the Phase One delivery, Ms. Zhang felt gratified for all Puluo staffs’efforts and praised performances of Engineer,Marketing, Sales, Service , and other departments. On

 the basis of timely recognition, we should also learn to identify the problems and draw lessons from the past, to meet higher standard and continue to adhere to quality, excellence

in our future management. Only when we take a responsible attitude towards results, keep learning from the past,develop a new standard from the previous experiences, can we have

 a solid foundation for future delivery.



A sincere  "thank you for your efforts", is the true words from Puluo Chairman Mr Xu’s heart.Sometimes we get lost, sometimes got stuck.It’s the four words”Simple, Advanced,

Excellence, and Sincere” that Mr.Xu said 16 years ago lead us to the right direction forward.




“Living notion advanced 10 years.” Puluo made it happen. Advanced quality and service are fully interpreted at Ideal Land.No. 1 & 8 education system has proved its advanced

education concepts through outstanding achievements.


Providing high quality products is the basic rule for Puluo,besides this we still devoted to provide high quality of sales service, property service and life service. Creating a better

quality of life is the constant pursuit of Puluo. Not only at Provence, but also at Ideal Land.


Simple working environment, simple leader-member relation and human relationships,simple relation among departments.

 Only keep simple in different relationships, the work won’t become complex.Keep simple in the 4 above relations looks easy,

 but it contains the powerful management skill of Puluo.


The reason why Puluo brand is highly praised by the customer is because Mr. Xu and Puluo always treat customers sincerely which can be proved by the ¥10,000 Member Card sent

to the each customer at the Puluo 15th anniversary. 

Puluo treat suppliers sincerely. You can judge it in the yearly 3.15 supplier conference.Puluo treat the staff sincerely.

Puluo provide better salary and benefits, also organize the special activities for the employee.



For the past 16 years, Puluo committed to provide advanced products and service. Stuck to this belif, 

Puluo remains invincible during the fierce competition with all the sfaffs’efforts. 

As Mr.Xu once said, Puluo’s success is not something we run into by accident. It builds on every outstanding Puluo staff.  

 Kaifeng has a rich culture heritage, with men of letters and heroes came forth in large Numbers. Later generations miss the bold and grace of Song Poems.Yue Fei, who "devotes

himself to his country with supreme loyalty", and Yang Warrior, martyr of history,the stories of those heroes who devoted their lives to the country always make us filled with tears.



Kaifeng Pangu performance was solemn and magnificent.Henan Opera, Lady General Mu Takes Command showed the glamour of national heroine. Puluo dinner party raised its

curtain in the thunderous applause. Time makes heros. Numerous heroes having a strong sense of justice helped the weak in the past, nowadays Puluo has its heroes who did their

best to ensure a perfect Phase One delivery.Stick to your goal, do whatever it takes for the thing you love, though the time is different, the spirit is same. Puluo singers dressed in

historical costumes, brought us to the Song dynasty with different songs, showed lofty spirit and soaring determination to Puluo staffs.



Along the way,Along the way, dare to fight is the attitude of Puluo spirit, every effort has a harvest and growth.We have the applause also have tears, the achievement deserves the

 affirmation, the question needs to look directly. Puluo is not afraid of difficulties and problems. Only when all the Puluo staff break down barriers and cooperate with each other can

 we gather stronger power. The battle ship of Puluo would sail away regardless of wind and rain!


Let’s run together, all Puluo members! Go all out for the dream in heart and leave no regrets!