Painting for Color-added, Ideal Painting Together – 2019 Puluo China Birthday Party III


Left a blank, waiting for you to color

Painting with deep feelings, description of a period of time, encounter a beautiful moments in the Ideal Land, with the full frame flowed colors. A touch of vermilion, engraved in the heart, burning cozy; Two different colors, holding on to the pen-tips, show a smile. Joy is as wandering in the fingertips, the water and the sky blend in one color, blue like a page of fairy tales, the scenery dizzy into the window with unreplicable colors. The neatly arranged frame is now blank, and waiting for the birthday stars to fill with their most beautiful colors from the hearts!

Draw the outline carefully and choose the most favorite piece

To the birthday stars with almost none art abilities, they cherish with enthusiasm and little excitement in hearts, choose the masterpiece that will depict seriously, whether can finish painting smoothly, it is still a mystery at this moment. Grasp the nettle; this is the nature of the Puluoers.

Draw sketches, outline the prototype stroke by stroke, even if the drawing is wrong, erase it, do it again.Gradually clear floating on the canvas with the black and white outline, it is the intention to draw every persistent brush

Moving through the colors, each one has their own knacks

Moving through the colors, each one has their own knacks. Drawing up and downs, courageously brush brush brush, moments spread out the wild uninhibited background color; Uniform color mixing, small brush fine details, color blend in a hazy artistic conception of the beautiful scenery; Of course, there are also art cells that are out of control, like the possession of a brutalist master. You decide on your painting colors.

The little secret upon the creation

There are lots of funs in painting process. For example, your proctor, Mr. Li, will supervise at any time. Some little brother catch the opportunity to chill up with girls; Our Single photographer shoot his beautiful "lover" by chance......We just have to do it well with indispensable part of the playing.

Serious dedication, the most beautiful colors

Immersed in creation, as if lost in time, everyone's attention as red enthusiasm does not reduce, after two hours result to each other's appreciation and praise. From no clue at the beginning to the present colorful, the intentions and persistence of Puluoers have become the most beautiful color in everyone's heart. If you don't finish the last stroke, you won't marvel at the most beautiful ending. It will become a cool story with earnest efforts.

Casual delicious dessert dining; Birthday cakes send blessings; Concentrate and attempting add a beautiful stroke for their birthday. For them, it seems to be memorable and meaningful. Some years later, when I inadvertently see this painting, recall to past, how excellent and interesting I was then. Efforts will make everything become meaningful, after the grinding of time; you will be handier, calmer!