Only for the Beautiful Life

The composition of community includes three basic components: people, their mutual contact and interaction, and the space for people to contact and interact with each other.

 At the Ideal Land, the contribution of place for people to connect with each other and build the interactive space never stops, Central Park, the Auditorium, the Outland Teahouse & Italian Restaurant, Xichuan docks... A "semi-private-half public-public" space system formed The Ideal Land residents' social place, then a wide cross-section of the community building center is going to create a community life and spirit.

Puluo Culture and Art Troupe Dancing

Neighborhoods Dinner

The so-called creation of life and spirit is to wake up thousands of residents' resonance of life concept, live a fresh reality, is to extract residents' community consciousness, build community culture. Share with community, common prosperity with the community.


From Province to The Ideal Land, the concept of Puluo Community Building Centre  to enrich community life, establish community culture and create neighbor acquaintances has been consistent. We will continue to pay attentions on the community, care about the emotional needs of acquaintances and neighbors. Upon the ideal, continue the beautiful life.




Welcome, Back-home Festival. During The Ideal Land Phase 1 delivery, we decorated with flowers, foods, cultural innovations, music… to bring you a House Meeting Festival.


Such joy, surprise and touching is exactly the beautiful daily life that the Puluo Community Building Centre will bring to the community in the future.


Blooming garlands weaved countless beautiful daily


First wreath come with first meeting, weaves all the best wishes, brightens the Back-home Festival atmospheres instantly, shortens the distance between hearts, and makes songs and smiles, warm and resonating, makes the good interaction among neighbors.

Hand-made dumplings, wrapped in the long-lost neighborhood relationships 


Back home to eat dumplings, sustenance of rich and good meaning. Puluo's gastronomes bring a touch of Puluo-style tasting to new neighbors. Handmade dumplings from the old neighbors taste more happiness.


Enthusiastic songs and dances, filled with love of Puluo life


The chorus, Xinjiang dancing team and Latin dancing team from ProvInce Culture and Art Troupe warmly welcome new neighbors with their songs and dances. Sing for life, dance beautiful together, warm neighbors together.


Hope more and more neighbors will get together in the name of art, lives will be more resonant with each other.


Owner's handmade creation, is the unique life aesthetics of Puluo


Puluo's life aesthetics and art appear in the front of the new neighbors with amazing appearance, variety of delicate and exquisite, creative products let the new neighbors fondly. A future ideal life, new neighbors can be a life expert, also can be artist!


Filled up the Ideal family preference files

Do interesting things with new neighbors

Compared with get owner's personal information, the Ideal community is more eager to learn about the family preferences and to build a beautiful daily community based on their preferences.


At the Ideal Land, everyone has so much wishes, challenges, and memories creations to accomplish with family, friends and neighbors.

To see a sunrise, to play a drama, to experience collective birthday, to join collective square dances......


Happiness Photo Studios

Yearning Lives

Most pretty daily


4 square kilometers with beauty and love is a perfect stage for releasing family preferences and building a perfect bridge between neighbors.


Form a consensus on a better life, witness the growth of every family, and harvest the life that every neighbor aspires to.


In the future, be together with happy and neighbors, every simple day will be the most beautiful daily.


The future Ideal Land, life ambassadors of Puluo Community Building Centre  will be rooted in the community and become the observer of "happiness index" in the community, the initiator of artistic and cultural activities such as community festivals and community competitions, and the initiator & organizer of neighborhood communication systems such as communities and groups.


Gather countless love and beauty


From single to family, from family to community, from life to ideal, hold with continuous patience and enthusiasm into the community life and creation spirit to achieve more beautiful moments in the doorstep.


The Ideal Land which gathered countless love and beauty has been opened, looking forward to every neighbor who loves life and family.


Warmth daily of the neighborhood


Only for the Beautiful Life