Hi Neighbors, I got your most Beautiful Vacation Photo!

How to arrange the extended 5.1 holiday?

Some people may are struggling with whether to go out to travel, some people may are struggling with whether to post pictures, some people may are struggling with how to take satisfactory photos...

On May 1, Puluoers are absolutely not entanglement, the beautiful holiday just in front of the house as promised, with family together, and neighbors together, every single moment, are the most beautiful holiday photos!

In The Profect Festival II, neighbors go on a carnival cruise together, share delicious food together, encounter good things together, and sing and dance together. This is our festival; this is the exclusive holiday of Puluo!

Focus your camera on the family, you will find that all the happy families have the same smiling faces with different good experiences and reasons for their happiness.

Neighbors with their greatest enthusiasm and energy, create The Profect Festival the most romantic holiday in 5.1, the most poetic life!

Joyful moments captured by the camera lens and the beauty under the freeze frame have all become the most precious moments for Puluoers and the most memorable memory!

Hi Neighbors, I got you and your family most Beautiful Vacation Photo!

Every step you take

Stepping into the rhythm of the carnival in the community

From the Mediterranean to the boulevards, from Alice Garden to the Roman square, the happy rhythm of Puluoer is shocking, and the pace of the cruise happens in the rhythm of happiness.

Families, silver hair couples, old friends, little friends, social communication center, Zhujiang Property......Under the lens they have the common smile and  cheer, have the common name is Puluoer.

They awake Puluo's holiday memories, and sent an unprecedented surprise to Puluo!

Every appreciation from you

Performing the life aesthetics of Puluo Style

Puluo families have a special literary flavor that comes from a serious life style market. They meet the creative life with fragrance on the float, and meet the good neighbors who also appreciates it.

Artworks from neighborhood are children's gifts, also the love of the neighbors. Puluoers treasure the most artistic gift and send the warm love to distance, which is the most beautiful essence of Puluoer's life attitude.

Every aftertaste from you

Enjoying a long - lost neighborhood fireworks

At 5.1's Profect Festival, tables set in the Mediterranean, warm neighborhood with fireworks are more suitable for dinners! Neighborhood foods are always in short supply, web-pop foods are always waiting in the long line, and the best selections from the merchant's delicious come with carefully arranged flowers!

Eating while walking in the Mediterranean Sea is a way for Puluoer to enjoy their holidays, and another way for neighbors to socialize. It's a taste of neighborhood warming and a private dessert for Mediterranean food tours!

Every cheer you make

Stimulating the enthusiasm of the neighbors to get together

Neighborhood games are not relating to winning or losing. They are joyful and energy. Every family is a champion. To understand Alice Garden again in the theater, children's protections make it beautiful forever. Imagination and creativity, the theme under the cherry blossom trees, always give children's hand-creation, painting, blocks building, full of new surprises.

Every single performance from you

Telling of the good life

  From dawn to dusk, the joy and happiness of Puluoers finally converged in Alice Garden! The beautiful final chapter of 5.1 

holiday ended with Youth · Neighborhood Party.

                    Youth is our common festival, we are youth! Youth is a kind of innocence, a kind of enthusiasm and vitality, a kind of elegant indifference. Countless youthful vitality and enthusiasm reverberated in the spring breeze, and eventually become the most moved, the most beautiful memories of Puluoers!

Dear neighbors, remember our mutual agreement for the next wonderful and surprise!

Our beautiful life is to be continued, we will see you in next Puluo's wonderful!