Province Medical Treatment and Convalesce Health Management Center

  Province Medical Treatment and Convalesce Health Management Center is a medical institution directly under the management of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) University. It covers an area of about 3,400 square meters, consisted of two buildings, one is outpatient department building, the other is health care building. The center integrates sophisticated medical resources, and strong medical expert team, equipped with  advanced diagnosis and treatment technology platform, taking the Healthy China as the target, to promote healthy lifestyle and push forward health service industry development by using health management, ultimately benefit the community.


The concept of combining treatment and convalesce

  With the development of society and the improvement of living standard, people pay more and more attention to health problems. It is widely recognized that prevention the illness development and proper treatment in the early stages is a better way to stay healthy, and build a healthy body to keep balance with the fast pace modern life. To meet the increasingly urgent health needs of people, Province Medical Treatment and Convalesce Health Management Center, adheres to the core idea of "cure not ill", embrace the 6 + healthy lifestyle concept "medical treatment, caring, healthy management, living environment, exercise, mental healthy" , takes fully advantage of traditional Chinese medicine in treatment and recovery, providing whole life cycle health care and high quality medical services for the community residents.


Innovation Service Center

  Based on the solid diagnosis and treatment technology platform and the superior resources of traditional Chinese medicine of a Third -level, grade A hospital, by using health management, the center is aiming to provide the community residents with continuous overall medical services such as traditional Chinese medicine treatment, health care, health maintenance, rehabilitation and elderly care, provide convenient, high level, continuous service integrating TCM health management, health care, home elderly care; Centering on the concept of "medical treatment, caring, healthy management, living environment, exercise, mental healthy" 6+ healthy life concept, the center provides whole life cycle health care and guides the community residents to live a healthy life. Focusing on the medical needs of community residents, the center highlights its own advantages in traditional Chinese medicine services, and various health services such as health management services, special services for chronic diseases, and sleep disorder treatment services.


Professional medical team

  The center has more than 40 team members, including 13 doctors, 4 acupuncture and massage doctors, 4 traditional Chinese medicine therapists, 9 nurses, 2 pharmacists, 1 nutritionist, 1 rehabilitation sports instructor and 12 health managers. Among them, 6 have advanced professional titles, 13 have intermediate professional titles, 14 have junior professional titles, 2 have doctor's degrees, 12 have master's degrees, and 17 have bachelor's degrees.