Banquet of Hangzhou Dishes

In our mind, food, like music and movies, can evoke emotions and impress us deeply. The excitement throughout the body sourced from sweat-on-tongue is recorded by each cell until it is borne in mind constantly.

It is well known for us that taste memory is closely connected with home, as a multi-dimensional and thorough world of taste forming in Ideal Land step by step: here you can enjoy the home-style flavor at Scarecrow Canteen, have a taste of the exquisite flavor of Outland Italian Restaurant and the ultra-perfect Japanese flavor of Infinite Izakaya, as well as the West Lake flavor of Banquet of Hangzhou Dishes at the lobby of No.5 West Court!

 The lobby is on the shortest way to home. Here you can enjoy the snow on the Xichuan River outside in winter; appreciate blooming flowers and hearing the melodious twitter in summer. In Banquet of  Hangzhou Dishes on the second floor of the lobby, you can also enjoy the scenery similar to that of the West Lake in the same mood of staying at home.

Each famous dish of West Lake is a cultural symbol of Hangzhou, which are sourced from "The Eight Great Men of Letters". Su Dongpo once praised: “Hangzhou is the No.1 City of prosperous banquet under heaven”. You can enjoy the time-honor flavor that stunned Su Dongpo, Ouyang Xiu and Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty in Banquet of Hangzhou Dishes.

“Fresh” is the soul of “bland” taste, which is the symbolic feature of Hangzhou dishes. The taste of dishes in Banquet of Hangzhou Dishes is the most authentic, as the chef has rich experience in exclusive cooking of Hangzhou dishes.

You can enjoy the authentic “Jiangsu-Zhejiang Flavor” in Banquet of Hangzhou Dishes in the doorway, as well as the warm service and pleasant environment, with the life-feeling and human-kindness of daily life integrated with the excellence of restaurant. You can have a taste of some delicious dishes together with friends or neighbors every weekend or leisure time to enjoy the warmth of home while toasting with others.