Great Puluo Seven-Day Party…|Witness of Smiles of 70,000 People by Sunrise, Dusk, Park and Me

There are many ways of vocation

Compared with the magnificent rivers in the distance

Pleasing belly-worship is more favored by Puluoers

Compared with the uncertainty and exhaustion in trip

Warmth and friendship of neighborhood is more favored by Puluoers



National Day Holidays

With seven days of excitement and enthusiasm, at Puluo Ideal Land

Provided tens of thousands of Puluo neighbors with happiness of holidays

Created a Happy Camp about ideal life


7-day Holidays

Puluoers enjoyed themselves at the colorful party of holiday

Gourmet Market, Neighborhood Games,

Fine Goods Market and Children's Painting Show

The holiday enjoyment was maximized by a variety of exciting activities


Puluoers gathered in a warm and caring neighborhood festival

Four groups of Puluo, the old and the young, hot moms and new daddies 

Everyone’s smile ran over with joy of holiday



These wonderful experience and happy moments

Made the seven-day party most unforgettable for Puluoers

Endowed Puluoers with exclusive romance of autumn

As a Puluoer

You deserve the exclusive happiness  

As for creativity about life aesthetics

Stalls of Fine Goods Market talk

Romantic appointment between exquisite craftsmanship and genius creativity

Elegant tastes exclusive to Puluoers

Dazzling in Ideal Land



The football field of Central Park

An amusement park for kids

An arena for neighbors

Full of funny games and exquisite gifts


Played challenging games together with their parents

Harvested joy of winning together with neighbors


Laughter is a common language

Neighborhood defines happiness




The entire football field became a market of delicacy

With the most popular food of Zhengzhou available here

Including the most familiar neighborhood taste of Puluoers

Buying food with 10,000 yuan in the pocket

You must be willful this time for impressive food



The four major communy organizations of Puluo made an amazing appearance

With a new approached provided for the warm interaction between neighbors

Cooking special dishes for neighbors

Shooting and printing a family portrait for neighbors

Telling a cartoon story to kids of neighbors

Common hobbies brought neighbors together

Passing your happiness to others

Makes you happier



In such a happy camp

There are always many wonderful moments you have never experienced

The authentic life of ideal

Is the best reason for your participation


You need to experience the happiness by yourself



7-day Holidays

Neighbors of Great Puluo spent happily

The common festival for Puluoers

Is a common pride of Puluoers

Because of Puluo

Only in Puluo

Our common happiness is to be continued