For the 15 Years Past, Puluo is Laudable Only for You!

In this heartwarming community,

Neighbors are childlike,

Familiar to each other, humble and courteous.

At this heartwarming party,

Satisfaction from the Gourmet Street, Concentration in the Art Gallery,

Friendliness on the Fine Goods Market and enthusiasm at Alice Park

As well as the touching Neighborhood Party.

On September 15,

With an art festival for neighborhood, Puluoers

Interpreted the concepts of heartwarming community and acquaintance neighborhood.  


Only love and delicacy are invaluable in the world!



Each neighbor from the Gourmet Street of the Mediterranean Plaza

has full stomach and warmed heart in the cool weather.



Tempting delicacies are irresistible for either the young or the old,

a gentleman in suit or elegant young lady.



They may enjoy delicacies whenever and wherever possible,

 interpreting the concept of being happy.



Boulevard, an art gallery and art exhibition for neighbors,

 is ever-charming in the background of pattering rain and cool breeze.



Joyfull as they were,

neighbors slow down upon entering the Art Avenue

 from the Mediterranean Plaza to enjoy art works,

which are painted by Puluo neighbors.

Only appreciating each work quietly shows the utmost respect at this moment.



Kids nurtured by art are destined to be unusual.

As observed, some of the excellent kids of Puluo

 are writing carefully with brush and some are taking a good look at paints;

even the unfettered lines painted on the graffiti wall are their masterpieces.



Each game attracted a long queue, with each player amused to show hearty laugh.



Originally strange neighbors became familiar with each other in games of teamwork.

Instead of for prizes, they tried their best to rush to the end to win for themselves,

their children and their neighbors.



Serious adults also released themselves completely.

 They only played the role of Puluo neighbor regardless of their titles in business.



On the Good Neighborhood & Fine Goods Market,

 lifelong neighborhood friendship is acquired in addition to goods purchased.



Every item here is heartwarming and memory-evoking,

with enjoyment and emotion contained,

so it deserves cherishing just like a family member of its owner.



The peaceful market is free of crowding and bargaining, full of smile of satisfied neighbors.



It is worth mentioning that

we received books and cash donated by neighbors

 from morning to night after calling for charity collection from neighbors of Puluo.

We will transfer all the donated items to children who need them most.



Neighbors’ Yearning and Pursuit for Art cannot be Extinguished by Overwhelming Rains



Audience cheered up with the excellent performance of community stars,

Brother Maozi and Little Teresa Teng!



Every family member of Puluo was rewarded with an Ideal Land gift card of 10,000 yuan

 and an Ideal Land house-purchase coupon of 20,000 yuan,

showing the warmest gratitude of Puluo China.



The party exclusive to Puluoers with familiar performers

and audience accords with the lyric words in the last song “Love and City”:

“You greet familiar friends, I smiled and nodded,

 to the end of the Mediterranean Plaza, sitting at the door of Alice Park...".

It's just how we remember, neighbors familiar to each other live fascinating days.



This day witnessed a carnival exclusive to Puluoers!

No one left early despite the occasionally harassing drizzle.



Being unwilling to part and posting pictures on “Moments”

 of WeChat till midnight show the warmest affirmation to the day.



Every Puluoer is appreciated for the attendance Neighborhood Art Festival of the 15th Anniversary of Puluo.