Where is Spring? Spring Shines in Elegance of Puluo Neighborhood Artists

Spring is approaching gradually after the Spring Festival with everything looking fresh and gay.

Puluoers greeted the coming spring in a particularly artistic way. Puluo Culture Art Troupe presented an exciting and brilliant Spring Festival art performance.

New Year Celebration, New Member Debut, New Performance Debut and New Friend Exchange…… the word “New” prevails in such a “doorstep” artistic show.

“New” represents good blessings of the New Year, represents warm expectation of a new season and manifests the constant growth, innovation and ever-changing good momentum of Puluo Cultural Art Troupe.

The brand new Puluo Cultural Art Troupe deserves applause and acclaim of every Puluoer!

Sending joy and blessings of New Year to Puluo neighbors to welcome the warmth and vitality of a new spring together is expected by this art performance as the topic.



Neighbors gathered merrily to celebrate the festival and greet the New Year at Art & Culture Center of Province, with a warm and joyful festive atmosphere created and the performance enlivened.

After continuous growth of nearly three months, Puluo Cultural Art Troupe has accumulated a group of neighborhood talents love art ardently and yearn for self-display. The art family consists of more than 200 members, who communicate, learn from each other and attend rehearsal actively.



One-third of the actors are new members in this perfect performance with their own contributions made by virtue of their talents and enthusiasm.



Exploring new art forms and presenting new programs constantly is essential for the troupe. In this performance, neighbors of Puluo were provided with a distinctive artistic enjoyment by the splendid debut of this troupe after long-term rehearsal.



Pretty and lively Xinjiang dance “Alicuna” was full of exotic charm; warming and impressive semichorus “Where did the time go” touched the neighbors; group recite “Ode to the Yellow River” of great momentum illustrated the national pride; female solo “I love you north snow” touched the audience profoundly with lingering aftertaste……



The growth of Puluo Art Troupe is also reflected in the continuous communication with and learning from a variety of excellent arts groups outside the community. With the excellence of Puluo promoted outside and excellent artistic performance introduced, the community culture of Puluo is more and more colorful.



The Art Troupe invited top teachers of Henan Model Association to present an amazing model show to the neighbors of Puluo. TianTian Dance Regiment, a well-known art group in Zhengzhou, performed its awarded performance.



Puluo Culture Art Troupe persists in the happy engagement out of for ardent love of art and friendship of neighbors. Celebration of New Year and greeting spring endowed the art performance with a distinctive atmosphere of happiness of Puluo.

For the new spring round the corner, can you feel the refreshing vitality and vigor?