A Family Letter to Proers

Dear Proers:


I hope this letter finds you well.


It’s a sunny day while I’m sitting in our community Starbucks Coffee and preparing to post you this family letter in 2019. Now I’m holding a Hazelnut Latte, nestling in a warm corner, chatting about trivial ideals and daily lives while saying hellos to the acquaintance passing by out of the window…


In the past year, we have witnessed many pleasant changes in Pro.


The parking and traffic around Mediterranean square become more reasonable and leisurely. People are used to voting on walkable streets with their feet. Some of the early group's facades, utilities and electromechanical equipment were professionally updated and properly maintained. Time will wear out some things, but it should not be an excuse to reduce the living experience. The parks and schools that carry most of the town's fun are as they were when they were young, as they should be in the early spring.


We are grateful for the thought and action of the Pro team, and grateful for the recognition and support of the Pro family. This is not an easy way to build an ideal community. We enjoyed it, and we never stop.


 In terms of commercial facilities, after the first community Starbucks Coffee in Henan was established, "Scarecrow Canteen" continued the energy of the earth and cooked homely dishes. The renovation and upgrading project of natatorium, gym in our "Community Sports Center" is approach ending. Our "Community Health Center" which in cooperation with the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be put into operation in the middle of this year.


Meanwhile, I also invited a top commercial blocks management team with rich operation and maintenance experience to cooperate with Pro’s business and social management team, to integrate, upgrade and optimize the experience of guide system, lighting system, signboard window, "street furniture" and public installations of the Mediterranean square, so as to promote the evolution of business form and the revival of the block. I’d like to describe it in this way: little Paris with more human kindness, new world with more literary style.


Fine work makes fine things. I hope the beauty image can be presented as soon, but a higher standard needs time to ponder, while the motivation from heart is the expectation and support from you. The highly anticipated "PRO More" will open this year. We define this scale and intimate complex as a neighborhood commercial center that harmonizes commerce and art, as well as a community meeting room with mixed business forms and unrestrained style. Here, a season-limited dessert, or a small snack shop, can withstand the scrutiny of people. What the community loves to talk about is all about taste. I've come to realize that the true meaning of life is the little things - things that don't have to be taken too seriously. Yet because of the importance, it deserves to be care about.


The "Pro Community Center" is just one year old, from the initial team with only seven or eight young people. However, it is their passionate creativity and exquisite romance that make Pro's annotation for the "happiness index" and rewrite their life history together with many families.


That day, at "Pro Baby Collective Birthday Party,"  naughty little guys grow up together and understand mother's tears. Another night, "Neighborhood Dinner", when Mr. Zhang's braised pork meet Madam Li's boiling fish, moonlight guitar, poetic in the life so why seek distance. Children in the 1&8 Primary School's "Love Charity Fair" under the burning sun, they run, solemn hawking, forget to wipe the sweat on the small face. Elders in the “Pro Culture and Art Troupe” were established at that day with elegant dance, singing, audience’s applause resolved the misunderstanding of the past 60 years... If not in Pro, you may not have to care about such kind of encounter; it touched the friendship and precipitated affection. If you haven't experienced such beauty before, you might not expect a festival that inherits and creates traditions.


With valuable experiences, our growing community team will be rooted in the eastern district and interact with the neighbors of Yin He Dan Di and Long Zhi Meng. I believe that no matter which area you live in, Pro's ideal of living and philosophy of life remains the same.


Some of the natural changes are too close to notice.


In recent years is the Province and City, Pro Service beyond the industry standards, acquires the top position repeatedly in the appraisal. They elected the "golden pomegranate" housekeeper team strictly, for the minority of the minority, to fulfill the imagination beyond imagination. They set up convenience stores and laundry shops on the East distinct, hoping people will find a warm light on a neighborhood corner when arrive in the late night. They insist on saying "no" to so-called standardized foods with obscure ingredients .On the vast scarecrow community farm, they take care the pastoral songs belonging to the common people in a natural and freeway.


Contrary to many people's expectations, the most essential part of the Ideal Land has been transformed from a blueprint into a reality. This is the new territory of the Pro in the East distinct, bigger and closer.


Instead of looking forward to it, better to make an appointment with family and friends in a good wether, drive through the rainbow tunnel, take a trip to the famous Shanshan Outlets, and check out the new Sicilian menu at the restaurant "Outland". Outside the outland, there is a 90 thousand square meters of the republic of Central Park, can teach children to read the first flower bloom, but also let them to explore 10 thousand kinds of crazy. Every summer after that, the "Baseball Camp", "Musical Camp" and other educational camps eagerly awaited by the children will be stationed here. The organizing committee of "The 3rd Ideal Land · International Children's Theater Festival" has also started to collect global dramas for Zhengzhou -- Vision, which can only be seen when you go far away.


In addition, I have a small private advice: I would like to invite everyone who is looking forward to the evening and still clinging of homesickness to come to the shimmering Xichuan to have a chat in the perfect tranquility in the Ideal Land. Xichuan, small bridge watering, as in those days and more than in those years; Xichuan, tired bird in the setting sun, lonely but never lonely; Beisde Xichuan dock, there is a low-key and untworded Japanese restaurant, the owner is old neighbor from Long Zhi Meng, he opened the pure rice wine solemnly, drop into soul, and drink it up...


At the end of May, we will officially welcome our new Phase I neighbors. Pro Service and the newly established "The Ideal Land Community Center" are preparing for another feast of their coming life. With the gradual delivery of the four square kilometers in the Ideal Land, the more our groups get together, the larger our life circle grows, and the more our common feelings and memories communicate with each other, the longer they will last.


 I'm looking forward to the old neighbors being as kind as ever, passing on every bit of kindness and helping hand to their new neighbors as they can. I'm looking forward to welcoming new arrivals to enjoy your home in Pro while also opening their doors and minds like old friends and exploring and participating in our community. I hope that everyone can walk into the "Library of Life" in the name of Pro and pride pf the "place where the soul belongs", talk with interesting souls over the past ten years and write stories that will be spread decades later.


Those good stories, we want to make it come true one by one.


Just like this family letter could write year after year.


Coffee is finished, yet we still have a long time to enjoy this afternoon…


12nd Mar 2019