Henan Pulo Elementary Education Research Institute

Establishment of Henan Pulo Elementary Education Research Institute

Henan Puluo Elementary Education Research Institute, founded in September 2018, consists of Zhu Dan, vice president of China Education Association, as well as several educational experts with rich experience in education and schoolwork, high theoretical level in education and certain educational influence. With expertise and skill training in childhood development and teacher team involved, the institution, devoted in making tangible contributions to education of Henan and even entire China, makes requests for parents in terms of parenting class and parenting textbooks.  

In the long-distance running of education, no person eager for quick success and instant benefit can succeed. Out of this reason, more professionals, more inclusive exchanges and more connotative practices are needed, resulting in the establishment of Henan Puluo Elementary Education Research Institute. Educational spirit of Puluo aims at rendering the future and each family with more possibilities for happiness. 

                                                          ◈ The First Educational Development Forum of Henan Puluo Elementary Education Research Institute

                                                          ◈ The Grand Forum is Held at Functional Hall

On September 9, the First Educational Development Forum of Henan Puluo Elementary Education Research Institute was held in Puluo Ideal·Land. Shi Yigong, Academician of CAS/Structural Biologist/President of the Westlake University/Professor of Tsinghua University, Qian Zhiliang, Associate Professor/ Master Tutor of Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University and Liu Lianghua, Ph.D./Professor of Academy of Educational Science of East China Normal University, discussed with more than 110 well-known local teachers, under the leadership of Zhu Dan, Vice President of CSE/National Superintendent/Dean of Henan Puluo Elementary Education Research Institute/General President of Puluo Ideal·Land Campus of 1&8 Education Group, on the development trend and challenges of elementary education. 

                                                          ◈ President Zhu Dan

At the forum, President Zhu Dan made the opening report, indicating that: research on elementary education aims at establishing an ideal land for education with family education, school education and social education integrated. With happiness as the target, students are expected to enjoy themselves in learning fully in the courtyards of home, campus of school, buildings and plazas of community; in the meanwhile, teachers are expected to get involved in education, with parenting textbooks developed to help parents to make progress and motivate the children to perform better while inheriting and innovating the tradition.

                                                          ◈Professor Qian Zhiliang

Professor Qian Zhiliang, allegedly, a scholar harder to invite than Zhu Dan for his tight schedule, delivered a special lecture on "The Logical Starting Point of Education", which is rather precious for education. According to Professor Qian, the logical starting point of education is an inevitable question for educators: it is a necessary code of conduct for both Chinese and Western educators in the past and nowadays to promote advantages and restrain disadvantages of children, the object of elementary education.

                                                          ◈ Professor Liu Lianghua

Professor Liu Lianghua analyzed challenges associated with elementary education in terms of family education, another perspective of education. 

In the special lecture on Key Period of Growth and Family Education, Professor Liu, based on the top-level academic reports and one-handed research data of his own research, made suggestions for the three sensitive periods of childhood development that parents need to pay attention to. Childhood education can be improved greatly with less effort as long as roles played by parents and these key periods are utilized properly. 

                                                          ◈ Professor Shi Yigong

As a structural biologist and principal, Professor Shi Yigong, on the theme of The Beauty of Life Science and Westlake University, share his opinions on the influence of social education and nature education on elementary education on the forum. Professor Shi, with numerous sources quoted copiously throughout the history and civilizations of the East and the West, expounded to the attending educators thoroughly, with passionate applause won from time to time.

For birth and upbringing of children, the top priority of this society all along, Puluo Group expressed its continuous devotion for education on this forum of education development, looking forward enabling children to learn and grow in an affectionate manner while enjoying happiness.