Introduction of Scarecrow Farmland


The farm, located in Dameng Town closing to the Pulo·Ideal Land, covers 300 mu of non-polluted land free from urban hustle and industrial pollution. With lovely animals such as pheasants and hares haunting, the farm with soil and water of fine quality, beautiful environment and fresh air is a paradise full of strong local flavor for close contact with nature.

Aiming at restoring ecological diversity, this farm is dedicated to guaranteeing safety of “food”, health and environment.

In this farm, which is managed by a team of rich experience in planting, the land is reallocated by a Taiwan team under the technical guidance of experts from Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Under the leadership of manager Li Xiaosheng, a specially-invited planting expert of Think Tank of Hangzhou Organic Industry Association and Bentian78, this farm boasts advanced technology and equipment, as well as several middle and high ranking technical talents and experienced  farmers.

Li Xiaosheng, an expert in organic planting production management with 16 years of experience, has profound knowledge in various sectors such as crop planting, partial breeding, and planting-husbandry cycle; as well as unique insight and management approaches for key points of domestic agricultural development model of China, production management and quality management system, organic standards and GAP standards.

Following the principle of ecological, healthy and sustainable development, the technology-based farm attaches great importance to introducing, developing new varieties and promoting new technologies and models, with 100 kinds of fruits and vegetables planted throughout the year. With regulations such as standardization of planting/husbandry, work procedure, post-harvest storage and recording implemented in management according to the principle of standardization, this farm insists on collecting agricultural products after physical maturity in strict adherence to the principle of “no pesticide, no hormone, no herbicide and non-GM”, with the dilemma of “No original taste of melons and fruits” solved and original taste retrieved.

Nearly 30 varieties of high-quality fruit trees are planted in this farm in a scientific layout, with cultivation of trees and breeding of poultry and livestock under the crown applied, achieving seamless integration of planting, breeding and distribution. In this way, all fruits and vegetables, fish, shrimps and eggs are delivered to customers after collecting within 24 hours to ensure freshness and quality.

While planting and producing pollution-free organic fruits and vegetables, this farm also pays much attention to natural education, so that visitors can “cultivate” and “learn” in the true sense in nature.

As food safety is the foundation of ideal life, Scarecrow Farm practices the concept of pursuit of high quality of Puluo China. It always adheres to ecologic, green and pollution-free production and ensures the highest level of safety of food delivered directly from farm to table of Puluo China. Every farmer who tries his best to protect the original ecology is worthy of praise!