Province Mediterranean Commercial Center

Mediterranean Commercial Center, located in the Province, at the intersection of Guoji Road and Suoling Road in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou. Province has over 50,000 residents so far, as a mature mid-high end large community in North Zhengzhou. 

Mediterranean Commercial Center covers Community MALL, TCM Medical Center, Children Center, Community Operation Center and Wedding Center. The currently operating and under-construction projects include Starbucks, TCM Medical Center, Community Canteen, Children Center, Fitness & Swimming Pool, Community Operation Center, Nice Fitness Gym, Aifeibao Hotel and Aifeibao Wedding Center. 

Mediterranean Commercial Center, adhering to the concept of “the Last Mile to your home”, exerts itself to become a convenient business center aiming at serving and benefiting the surrounding residents, supporting and facilitating the overall consumption of residents as a place for living, culture and communication. 

Tel: 0371—63568888 ext. 21