The company organized "real estate excellence project management and cross-border coordination" training

December 10-11, the company invited the former vice president of the former Vanke Chongqing, is now a special lecturer Geng Chen,the Bai Rui’s teacher now, the company engineering systems personnel to carry out a two-day "real estate excellence project management and cross-border collaboration" training , The company more than 80 people to participate in this training.


Of course, learning is not just stay in the classroom, the system is divided into three links: pre-class preview, with questions to lectures; Sharing, combined with classroom content and their work, in-depth thinking, summary and application. Only calm down to the empty cup mentality serious training, hard to listen, to comprehend, timely summary and application, can we continue to learn good ideas and methods, so that the professional ability to continue to improve.