Thanksgiving Day (2) Thanks to the heart of life

Who said science and engineering man do not know tenderness?

Who said the hard-working women lost the delicate feelings?

This winter,

We wake up the hearts of everyone sleeping in the heart of Thanksgiving,

Know how to be loved, mutual support of the precious and strong.

Emotional replication does not come,

Truth is also cut does not go.

If you want to paste happiness,

It is necessary to pay talent,

Do not need you talented,

Do not need your natural charm,

As long as you sincerely.

Each with a good gift wrapped with a different kind of care and blessing,

Each of the true feelings of the "love letter" are carried in the heavy love and truth.

General China, so no longer limited Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day - thanks to the heart of life!



Jianguo He: usually busy, did not often go back and look at their parents! Your health and happiness at home the most important! I will try to take time to go back to see you! Dad has a desire, is to take a plane! I think, so there is time for the next spring, take you to Guangzhou, where my sister to see ... ...

Quan Shen: This is my father and mother, father-in-law to buy a gift! Thank them for their care! I did not give a wife said, did not give the old man said, I expect them to receive a gift to call me surprise! Ah ~ hey ~ ~ ~ I have to be extra careful when packing, if addressed to the elderly letter to the wrong place is so embarrassing  ... ...

Chongsong Cheng: This is my wife to write the first letter of love! Wife in the past few years to pay a lot at home, there are a lot of heart, then I usually say embarrassed, are written in the letter inside  ... ...

Genya Jiang: very grateful to the young married woman has been my support, married I will be better for you! (Yo Yo Yo ~ ~ ~ great amount of information Oh, waiting for your candy ~ ~ ~)

Tingting Hou: The nougat is my mother's favorite, there is this mask, my mother specified to! My mother is very smug! Haha ~ mother's hand is very easy to crack, I gave my mother prepared pear cream ... ...

Yingguang Zhai : I gave my wife a few children ready to be affectionate it! That is our love story from junior high school to get married ... ...

Finally, quietly tell you,

On the 24th night, the wind Express has been carrying everyone's deep affection fast gallop on the road, 

It is expected that this morning and tomorrow one after another everyone's mind can reach the people around you ~ ~