To Be the Brightest Star in the Night - Pro Rainbow Night Running Club is coming!

On November 18st, the date in new district of east Zhengzhou attracted

 a group of handsome boys and beautiful girls who were from Pro Company! 

 Pro Rainbow Night Running Club is coming !

We are coming! Where are you now?

 Let’s to be the Brightest Star in the Night at 8:00pm.

Before running, let’s limber up ourselves’ muscles and joints!

We were running in the sea of fluorescent and joy.

The people run out in the front most were boy,

the girls were followed by them. Even though most of girls were very tired, they still persevered. 

“I feel my heart beating so fast that it seemed to run out of my body”,

one of our colleagues said. That made all of us laugh.


Halfway of the track, we might stop and take photos to show our pretty face!

 Looked at our friends who had completed their first lap and wanted to run the second lap!

Second Lap ING! But some of girls had stopped to have a rest.

 During the break, we had met a big shot.

A group run, on the road always has your accompanying!

 Where there is rainbow gathering, there is the cheers and laughter of Pro-families.

We were waiting for the friends who were last returning.

And they were gonna show their thigh!

Time does pass by quickly when having fun, but all of us got the cherished memory

 which was only belonged to Pro night club!

Rainbow Night Running - Let’s to be the brightest stars in the night.