This Children's Day, We are together

Colorful balloons and piles of plush toys

Various of color clay next to the Favorite lollipop

This Children’s Day, Pro Babies felt the warm of hand in hand.

 They were running happily in the fairy tale world which

 was filled with Colorful balloons and piles of plush toys.

Child should play wantonly in the mood childhood.

From the first appearance baby to this baby who was just awake,

 from the happy shota who weared paper diaper

 to undemonstrative and lovely Little lolita.

The merry laughter and the smiling face of babies

 touched the tenderest part of my heart

When hand in hand, when cheek To cheek,

 when smiling faces were freeze in the camera,

A feeling of happiness spilt out of our heart.

In the name of love to make happy times, do not

 miss every opportunity of children’s growth.


As soulful as the confession, as long as the accompanying.

The progress of accompanying the children to grow

up also lets us have a clear understanding of life.

Pro baby, our love will along with you all the way to grow up.

interesting sidelights of activities

Take the most beautiful photos for our Pro Baby

Even with diaper, also can be crazy baby!

Get the new skill: showing love with dear mum!

Catch the Pro twin

Group photo of heroes! Pose masters!

Every family who participated the event could get the pleasantly surprised