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Your Ceriman at home is well taken care of during your 2 weeks family trip; the complete medical records of your family member are kept well; your children are organized to play while waiting for parents after the Kindergarten at 4:30 pm Property management, an art of thoughtfulness, is sensitive for being considerate, as it can detect the needs for living accurately and improve the mood of life in time.


Since the initial establishment of Puluo Service, Pulo China has already proclaimed its ambition devoting to all residents’ long-term happiness. Zhengzhou Pulo Service Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pulo China, a specialized property service enterprise, was founded on June 23rd, 2011, with nearly 600 employees now. At present, Pulo Service has been providing superior property service for nearly 5,000 families in 4 high-end communities subordinate to Pulo China with a service area of about 1.4 million . The number of residents served by Puluo Service will reach 150,000 in the next ten years with a service area of about 6 million .


In addition to high-quality life services, through abundant and various community cultural activities, Pulo Service has also been dedicated to improving the vitality of community life, happiness in dwelling and residents’ satisfaction, such as Happy Halloween, Children's Day Carnival and Weekly Children’s DIY Class of different themes, etc. While guaranteeing long-term life quality, Pulo Service has already become a crucial guarantee for continuous value addition in real estate subordinates to Pulo China.


Pulo Service makes warm service luxuriant.


Pulo Service Contact Number: 0371--86179898/99

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