Province (Jiyuan) Tourism Development Co., Ltd

As the ancient adage goes, knowledge and action should go hand in hand, cultivating noble mind in the midst of the landscapes; Today, taking a vacation is an important an approach to open the mind, as well as an art of happiness.  

Province(Jiyuan) Tourism Development Limited, incorporated by Pro China on June 12th 2014 in Jiyuan, is an overseas-funded enterprise mainly engaged in tourism development. Pro Tourism has been dedicated to building the “5+2” new tourism holiday style on the basis of maintaining the original appearance of nature to the high limit.

This project, located at the scenic area along the Qin River of Jiyuan City, subordinate to Taihang Mountains, has been appreciated by men of literature and writing since ancient times, with plenty of classical Chinese poetry and landscape paintings sourced here. This project, with respecting natural landscape, repairing historical site and adding tourism joy as the principle, is intended to have 2.8 billion investment in total and to be constructed into a high-end service system which will integrate five-star resort hotel, spa town, bench land leisure park, landscape-canyon scenic zone, leisure-entertainment center as well as a popular amusement system. In this way, the three-hour life circle is covered and surrounding 70 million residents are provided with high-quality travel experience.