National Food Safety Innovation Center

When it comes to food, natural rewarding will be considered as the best. 

When we were young, we picked up fruits and vegetables in the garden and field. Maybe the mud would make our clothes dirty, but we’re always passionate about the food. Nowadays, natural food has to go through many procedures before we eat. Food safety panic is haunting everyone. The best era should be the time when we can eat natural and safe food.  

The attitude towards food safety can reflect the conscience of a society. Founded on June 26, 2014, Zhuhai Hengqin Noble Choice Investment Co., Ltd. (Noble Choice Investment) is located at the Science and Technology Research Development Zone, Hengqin New Distric, Zhuhai, China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone. It is a strategic crucial point for the national “Belt and Road Initiative”. The enterprise takes “ensuring food safety and promoting healthy diet” as the vision and devotes to food safety in both China and the world. It is planned to build “two centers, two platforms and one park” within three years. To be specific, they are: National Food Safety Science and Technology Center, the Third-party Inspection and Testing Center, National Food and Safety Cloud Service Platform, Food Safety Financial Service Platform and National Food Safety Electronic Commerce Park. 

The organization includes: 

I.Sino-US Food Safety Joint Research Center (JRC)

II.Global Commercialized Food Center (GCFC)

   1.Food Health Industry Brand Incubator 

   2.Food Health Brand Exchange

   3.Headquarter of Global Food Health Brand Center

III.Food Safety Testing and Certification Center

   1.Third-party inspection center

   2.Three dimensional code certification center

   3.Public-oriented Food Safety Exhibition Center


Landscape design includes: 

[Ecological rainfall garden] To show the care for the environment of food industry, for example, for soil safety, water resource reuse, and so on. It contains recycle, purification, and reuse of polluted rainwater, the odorless compost plan, the proposal of global vegetable and fruit exemplary farmland, etc.  

[Practice of Farmland Life] Accommodation has been provided to get people back to the times when farming and nature are closely connected. The ecological water environment can attract many insects and birds. It is an indispensible helper for pollination and deinsectization during the cultivation period of crops. 

[Landscape Design Highlight] Guest-greeting Water Landscape, Rainfall Garden, Ecological Purified Water Landscape, Ecological Compost Exemplary Region, Global Vegetable and Fruit Plantation Demonstration, Tropical Rain Forest Plant Courtyard, Food Exchange & Rest Square, Office Rooftop Garden, Rooftop Greening, Ecological Wetland Courtyard, Ecological Fruit Garden, Outdoor Dining Area, Kindergarten Rooftop Game Field, Urban Ecological Farmland, Rooftop Farmland Garden, and Central Axis Scenery Area. 

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