No 1&8 United International School

Located in the heartland of Province, this School is a cradle for cultivating worldwide elites. Following the mission of “First-class Goals of Education, Excellent Teaching Staff, First-rate Teaching Environment and Superb Training Standards”, this School, by means of quality-oriented education and international education, lays emphasis on the comprehensive development of students' personality and expansion of the international vision of students, so as to lay a solid foundation for going global for students. 

Culture and Communication 

This School organizes a variety of extracurricular activities such as foreign teachers’ oral English training, aeromodelling group, band, bridge game, Taiji, school newspaper and TV to render students with pleasure and skills in learning and enable them to achieve excellent results in some provincial & municipal and even international competitions.

Implementation of International Education

Students are organized to take part in summer camp activities in the United States, Australia, Singapore, etc. There are many visiting activities of foreign primary and secondary school principals to our school. During such events, students can have one-on-one communication with foreign friends, provide guiding service which help to improve their oral English and broaden the international perspective of students enormously.


NO.1&8 United International School adopts student-centered small class size and interactive teaching method. In addition to the general high school curriculum prescribed by Henan Province, parts of American high school curriculum are integrated into the international high school curriculum with the American High School Advanced Placement designed by famous American high schools especially. This School introduces original US teaching materials and Western cultural activities with the American 12-grade curriculum system connected effectively, laying a good foundation for students to get enrolled in prestigious US universities. 

Cloud Classroom and American Class

NO.1&8 United International School boasts the most advanced cloud classroom in China, provides students with remote reality teaching, achieves real-time and interactive teaching for teachers and students at different places and offers an immersive teaching experience, as students can face the American teachers to accept American education without going abroad. 

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