NO.1&8 International Primary School

In the objective of reaching “Happy School, Healthy Students and International Vision”, this School, based on the core philosophy of “Love” and the school ethos of “Natural Flavors”, presents the decency of children as “noble little gentlemen & little ladies” and cultivates all-round, intelligent, healthy, generous and patriotic Chinese with International vision. 

This School boasts first-rate hardware facilities, elegant teaching environment and faculty of excellent comprehensive quality, persists quality-oriented education 

, adopts international advanced teaching mode in an all-round manner and strives to become the pioneer in primary education. 

This School emphasizes stimulating children’s love for science, enhancing scientific literacy and developing a habit of solving problems scientifically. With diverse and open education, students here are allowed to learn happily while accumulating knowledge, gain wisdom in practice and have overall quality improvement comprehensively. 

Inspire innate wisdom with fraternity and create splendid culture of the school with intelligence. The happy school is created with advanced educational philosophy and vigor and wisdom campus environment, , endowing children with a colorful childhood

Tel: 0371—86566016

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