Province, over the 15 years, exudes a fascinating fragrance for its silent endeavor. Although there is no wall barrier separate this community from the city, but everyone living here or visiting here can feel its unique charm. Province, just like a diamond inlaid on the city with light of affluence, elegance and sensation, moves people with quality of life created by the environment of such a townlet in European style. 

In October 2003, Pro China launched the development of Province Project, which is a key investment promotion project on the 18th National Convention of Zhengzhou in 2003. The project has the largest foreign investment volume launched in 2003 and is the first renovation project of village of Zhengzhou. Province, covering an area of 1600 mu, planning completed in 2004, started construction since 2005 with a total investment of CNY 3 billion. Over the years, by virtue of its advanced planning concept, excellent products and facilities, as well as beautiful dwelling environment, Province has won numerous well-known awards all over China. By the end of 2017, more than 20000 residents live in Province. With children growing up in the campus, the old enjoying a leisure time in the park, young people walking in the streets, as well as the cultural art center and children's library etc., Province has become the ideal residence for people in Henan. 

Province, with a history of 12 years, is a nice place of happy life for every family. 

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