Province·Chinese Dream

A touch of light fell on water surface in a wonderful morning, shining the dream and wakening the mind up. The leaves and flowers pleasing to the eye sparkle with colorful light for wetting. As the saying goes, water makes all creatures more lively, which share a consistent instinct in the aspiration and pursuit of beauty. 

Province•Chinese Dream, located in the hinterland of North Longhu CBD, Zhengdong New District, which boasts completed mating facilities of International office, residence, education, culture and medical treatment. With greenery coverage of 45% and green area per capita of 23.89㎡, the area ranks top in Zhengzhou in terms of livability value and housing price as the core region of development in Zhengzhou. Province• Chinese Dream, covering an area of 386.5 mu, with the land acquired in September 2012 and construction completed for delivery in October 2017, is praised as the “No.1 Property of Longhu” as the first delivered high-end residential project of North Longhu Lake Area of Zhengzhou with much attention received from the industry. It has 2895 households currently, as about 8,000 residents will enjoy the extraordinary waterside eco-environment and quality life of North Longhu in advance.